Wicked Wallflowers




1. (2018) The Hellion
Eine unerschrockene Lady

Adair Throne

Cleopatra (Cleo) Killoran

2. (2018) The Vixen
Eine tollkühne MIss

Connor Steele

Ophelia Killoran

3. (2019) The Governess

Broderick Killoran

Regina (Reggie) Spark

4. (2019) The Bluestocking

Edwin Warwick,
Marquess of Maddock,

Gertrude (Gert) Killoran

5. (2019) The Spitfire

Henry March,
Earl of Waterson

Clara Winters


Sinful Brides / Hell & Sin




1. (2016) The Rogue's Wager /
Die Küsse des Marquis

Lord Robert Dennington,
Marquess of Westfield

Helen Banbury

2. (2017) The Scoundrel's Honor /
Die Leidenschaft des Viscounts

Ryker "Black" Banbury,
Viscount Chatham

Lady Penelope Tidemore

3. (2017) The Lady's Guard /
Die Lady und ihr Leibwächter

Niall Marksman

Lady Diana Verney

4. (2017) The Heiress's Deception /
Die Erbin und der Spieler

Callum Dabney

Lady Evelina Pruitt


Heart of a Duke




(2014) In need of a Duke
Prequel Novella

Lord Michael Knightly

Aldora Adamson

1. (2014) For Love of the Duke
Das Herz des Herzogs

Jasper Waincourt,
Duke of Bainbridge

Katherine Adamson

2. (2015) More Than a Duke /
Mehr als ein Herzog

„Harry“ Henry Falston,
Earl of Stanhope

Anne Adamson

3. (2015) The Love of a Rogue /
Nur kein Herzog

Lord Alexander Edgerton

Imogen Moore

4. (2015) Loved by a Duke /
Die Liebe des Herzogs

Duke of Crawford

Daisy Meadows

5. (2015) To Love a Lord /
Die Versuchung des Herzogs

Marquess Waverly

Jane Munroe

6. (2015) The Heart of a Scoundrel
Die Begierde des Herzogs

Marquess of Rutland

Phoebe Barrett

7. (2015) To Wed His Christmas Lady
Ein Herzog zu Weihnachten

William Hargrove,
Marquess of Grafton

Cara Falcot

8. (2016) To Trust a Rogue /
Der Charme des Hezogs

Marcus Gray,
Viscount Wessex

Eleanor Carlyle

9. (2016) The Lure of a Rake /
Der Schwur des Herzogs

Cedric Falcot,
Marquess of St. Albans

Genevieve Farendale

10. (2016) To Woo a Widow /
Das Verlangen des Herzogs

Miles Brookfield,
Marquess of Guilford

Philippa Winston

11. (2016) To Redeem a Rake

Daniel Winterbourne,
Earl of Montfort

Daphne Smith

12. (2016) One Winter with a Baron

Nolan Pratt,
Baron Webb

Sybil Cunning

13. (2017) To enchant a Wicked Duke

Nick Tallings,
Duke of Huntly

Justina Barrett

14. (2017) Beguiled by a Baron

Vail Basingstoke,
Baron Chilton

Bridget Hamilton

15. (2017) To Tempt a Scoundrel

Lord Rhys Brookfield

Alice Winterbourne

16. (2020) To Hold a Lady's Secret

Colin Lockhart

Lady Gillian Farendale


Lost Lords




1. (2020) In Bed
with the Earl

Malcom North
aka Percival Northrop,
Earl of Maxwell

Verity Lovelace

2. (2020) In the Dark
with the Duke

Hugh Savage aka
Cannon Hewitt McCade,
Duke of Wingate

Lady Lila March

3. (2020) Undressed
with the Marquess

Dare Grey
aka Darius Greyson,
Marquess Milford

Temperance Swift