Winner Takes All / Spiel der Liebe




1. (2014) The Game and
the Governess
Der gestohlene Kuss des Earls

Lord Edward Granville,
Earl of Ashby

Miss Phoebe Baker

2. (2015) The Lie and the Lady
Die Lüge des Herzensbrechers

Mr. John Turner

Lady Leticia,
Countess of Churzy

(2016) Miss Goodhue
lives for a Night

Theo Hudson

Cecilia Goodhue

3. (2016) The Dare and the Doctor
Das ungestüme Versprechen des Gentleman

Dr. Rhys Gray

Miss Margaret Babcock


Blue Raven




1. (2009) Revealed
Ein Spion in erlauchter Gesellschaft

Mr. Marcus Worth

Mrs. Phillippa Bennington

2. (2010) The Summer of You
Der Sommer der Lady Jane

Mr. Byrne Worth

Lady Jane Cummings

3. (2011) Follow my Lead

Jason Cummings,
Duke of Rayne

Miss Winnifred Crane

4. (2012) If I Fall

Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher

Sarah Forrester

5. (2013) Let it be Me

Mr. Oliver Merrick

Bridget Forrester

(2012) The Dress of the Season

Harris Dane,
Viscount Osterley

Miss Felicity Grove