Whickertons in Love / Die verliebten Whickertons




(2020) Once upon a Kiss
gone horribly wrong
Miss Annes missglückter

Lord Tobias Hawke

Miss Anne Thatcher

1. (2021) Once upon
a devilishly enchanting Kiss
Lady Louisas teuflisch
zauberhafter Kuss

Phineas Hawke,
Viscount Barrington

Lady Louisa Beaumont

2. (2021) Once upon a
temptingly ruinous Kiss
Lady Leonoras schrecklich
verführerischer Kuss

Drake Shaw,
Marquess of Pemberton

Lady Leonora Beaumont

3. (2021) Once upon
an irritatingly magical Kiss

Throne Sharpe

Lady Christina Beaumont

4. (2021) Once upon
a devastatingly sweet Kiss

Bradley Jackson,
Duke of Clements

Lady Harriet Beaumont

4. (2021) Once upon
a devastatingly sweet Kiss

Christopher Hurst,
Earl of Lockhart

Lady Juliet Beaumont

5. (2021) Once upon
an achingly beautiful Kiss

Lord Troy Beaumont

Lady Leonora "Nora"


Happy Ever Regency




1. (2019) How to wake
a sleeping Lady

Grant Barrett,
Earl of Wentford

Agnes Bottombrook

2. (2019) How to tame
a beastly Lord

Adrian Brooks,
Earl of Remsemere

Lady Eugenie Caswell

3. (2020) How to climb
a Lady's Tower

Zachary Caswell,
Earl of Pembroke

Miss Rebecca Hawkins

4. (2020) How to steal
a Thief's Heart

Pierce Byrne,
Baron Markham

Miss Caroline Hawkins

5. (2021) How to turn
a Frog into a Prince

Nathanial Caswell

Miss Charlaine Palmer

6. (2021) How to Return
a Lady's Slipper

Hugh Lawrence,
Duke of Ashhaven

Miss Emma Glass

7. (2021) How to live
happily ever after

Lord Wentford

Miss Agnes Bottombrook